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Trend Report: What's In And What's Out for 2015

Clothing that once caused a stir in the fashion world, no longer raises the brow for current fashion designers. Heidi Klum perhaps says it best on Project Runway when she so eloquently dismisses the losing designer by stating: "As you know in fashion, one day you are in. And the next day you are out." So are you wondering which trends will reign the must-have lists for 2015? Our Trend Report of What's In and What's Out has you covered. 


Marsala - How To Wear The 2015 Color Of The Year

Each year, the Pantone Institute chooses a color that will become the trendsetter for various fields of aesthetics - from fashion and design to interiors and decor. In 2014 Radiant Orchid, was all the rage and in 2015 Marsala will be the color to crave. Here is everything you need to know about this rich hue, but most importantly - our style tips and inspiration on how to wear the new color of the year.


Tips To Enhance Your Personal Style, Despite The Dropping Temps Outside

With the frigid weather outside, it's often difficult to feel sexy underneath layers, and layers...and more layers of clothes.  So how can we bring sexy back amidst the dropping temps??  Here are some tips to enhance your personal style no matter what you wear.  



6 Fashion Trends That Stand The Test of Time

With the new year comes new collections, and the ephemeral nature of fashion may create a bit of anxiety given the budget we need to break to renew our wardrobes. Luckily, there are certain trends that will never go out of style, and we've nailed down our six favorites here.


Holiday Style: Evening Dresses To Take You Into The New Year

Typically reserved for special occasions, evening dresses are particularly symbolic of your personal style, so here are some inspirational choices of cuts, colors and textures to ensure you kick off the New Year in the best dressed version of you!!

Holiday Style: Guide To Finding Your Perfect Party Dress

The winter holidays are the perfect opportunity to shine and put your femininity into focus. And with the festive season officially upon us, our attention is naturally focused on finding that perfect dress for all your upcoming celebrations. Even if you’re on a tight budget, or if you simply don’t want to invest that much into your holiday attire, here are 5 themes that will help you decide which holiday look is best for you.


5 Fashion Influencers To Remember

The divas of yesteryear have made their mark in history through their style. Here are 5 women whose fashion sense was adored by the whole world during their time, and whose influence on style continues today. 


How To Pick The Perfect Winter Outfit Based On Your Personality

It’s not always easy to find a look that emphasizes your assets and gets you the attention you may (or may not) want. To simplify your task of finding the perfect winter outfit, we invite you to discover the look most suitable for you based on your personality.



5 Ways To Wear The Classic White Shirt: Holiday Edition

The classic white shirt has experienced a beautiful comeback as the must-have staple we should all already have in our closets. And because the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday is meant to be spent with family and delicious food, not stressing over what to wear, here are 5 suggestions on styling this versatile piece no matter what your traditions hold.  


How To Select The Right Handbag Based On Your Body Shape

We all know that choosing a maxi versus mini dress, or opting for boot-cut versus slim-cut jeans all depends on our unique body types. But did you know that your accessories can also play a huge role in flattering your most beautiful assets?


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