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Fashionably Lace: A Guide To Lacing Up Your Personal Style

Although this elegant fabric is often associated with royalty or a beautiful bride walking down the aisle - and sometimes both as was the case with Kate Middleton - don't underestimate the versatility of lace. Attributed with grace and femininity, lace can be dressed up or down to highlight every woman's feminine side. 

Focusing specifically on the lace skirt, read more on how to style it to accentuate your unique and personal style. 


The Party's Over, But The Dress Must Go On: How To Transform Your Dress From Night-To-Day

With The New Year, Valentine's Day and Award's Season viewing parties under your belt, I’m sure you have an impressive collection of party dresses in your wardrobe. So now what?? Well rather than send them off to your fave consignment shop or let them gather dust, here are some unique ways to incorporate these pieces into your everyday look.


Walk It Out: NYFW Street Style Trends Revealed

Fashion Week is officially upon, us with Nicholas K kicking it off last week at the Pavilion in NYC. And although it is thrilling to see how each presenting designer envisions the season ahead, I have to admit that it's just as (if not more) exciting to catch the unedited style on the streets!! This is, after all, where we get to see how each individual interprets the fashion trends, and where unique personalities truly stand out.  



Dress It Up For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day gives us yet another reason to focus on our style. But rather than stress over what to wear, choose one of our looks here and spend the rest of your valuable time picking out the perfect gift for that special someone. 

4 Easy Ways To Transition Your Work Look From Day To Night

After a long and tiring day at work, we often feel the need to go out with friends and let loose a bit. But when your office attire is too serious for happy hour, what often happens is we go home to change and end up on the couch in comfies and a glass of wine instead. Win this fight between your time and your wardrobe by focusing your outfit on one piece that will easily transition from day-to-night. Here are 4 discreet and practical wardrobe items that will help get you from your desk to the bar in no time!!


Trend Report: What's In And What's Out for 2015

Clothing that once caused a stir in the fashion world, no longer raises the brow for current fashion designers. Heidi Klum perhaps says it best on Project Runway when she so eloquently dismisses the losing designer by stating: "As you know in fashion, one day you are in. And the next day you are out." So are you wondering which trends will reign the must-have lists for 2015? Our Trend Report of What's In and What's Out has you covered. 


Marsala - How To Wear The 2015 Color Of The Year

Each year, the Pantone Institute chooses a color that will become the trendsetter for various fields of aesthetics - from fashion and design to interiors and decor. In 2014 Radiant Orchid, was all the rage and in 2015 Marsala will be the color to crave. Here is everything you need to know about this rich hue, but most importantly - our style tips and inspiration on how to wear the new color of the year.


Tips To Enhance Your Personal Style, Despite The Dropping Temps Outside

With the frigid weather outside, it's often difficult to feel sexy underneath layers, and layers...and more layers of clothes.  So how can we bring sexy back amidst the dropping temps??  Here are some tips to enhance your personal style no matter what you wear.  



6 Fashion Trends That Stand The Test of Time

With the new year comes new collections, and the ephemeral nature of fashion may create a bit of anxiety given the budget we need to break to renew our wardrobes. Luckily, there are certain trends that will never go out of style, and we've nailed down our six favorites here.


Holiday Style: Evening Dresses To Take You Into The New Year

Typically reserved for special occasions, evening dresses are particularly symbolic of your personal style, so here are some inspirational choices of cuts, colors and textures to ensure you kick off the New Year in the best dressed version of you!!

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