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Outfit Inspiration: Summer Concert Series

The last few weeks of summer are filled with a series of concerts offering up the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the remaining hot days of the year. Whether you are gearing up for the lineup at Music Midtown in Atlanta or prepping for a mind blowing experience at the second international edition of TomorrowWorld, get your outfit inspiration from our looks here. 


Summer Style Transition: How to Wear Warm-Weather Dresses Over Cool-Weather Pants

Whether you are ready for it or not, summer is winding down and the new fall season is slowly approaching. Luckily, the newest designer craze is time-appropriate tempting us to mix our warm-weather dresses with cool-weather pants.

Although this mix & match concept is not exactly new (but what fashion trend really is) there are some rules to consider for a truly memorable appearance.


Color Trend Report: Freshen Your Look With Powder Blue

If the pastel trend hasn’t reached your closet yet, this report is for you!! With head-to-toe black as our go-to uniform, we were a bit skeptical at first as well. But these sheer, “powdered” shades will surprise you in the way that they can be used to quietly make a statement.


TOPS 101: When You Have Nothing To Wear...Turn To These 5 Wardrobe Staples

As fun as it is to have the latest designs, in the most extravagant prints, to wear with those must-have golden stilettos, there are moments when you just need to be able to take it back to the basics. So to get you started, we've compiled 5 essential tops that you need in your closet now to save you from these fashion predicaments!!


Style Guide: 3 Ways To Keep Your T-Shirt Chic

We all have one: a favorite, broken in, super cozy, t-shirt that doubles as memorabilia from a crazy concert, family trip, or college days in the dorm. And for most, these precious cotton-fiber pieces rarely make it out in public, reserved for lazy days on the couch, or running quick errands when you hope you won't be seen.

Well we are here to tell you that you no longer needed to hide. Thanks to our fashion advisors and their stylish guidance, here are 3 Ways to Keep Your T-Shirt Chic!! 



The Fashion World Cup - Winning Style Inspiration From Brazil

Although the World Cup may officially be over - Congrats To Germany!! -  we can't seem to get our minds off the beautiful backdrop of the games. Known for its rich culture, food, and the colorful landscape, we find Brazil to be the perfect inspiration to build some unconventional, cool summer outfits!!  .


SCHOOL'S OUT: The Fashion Rules We Are Breaking Now!!

Forget everything you learned in fashion school, it’s time to experiment!! This summer, the only rule that you should keep in mind is that…there are no rules!! Just focus on creating cool outfits that attract all the attention. How, you ask?? By focusing on your unique personality and style and by breaking the following rules now:


Principles Of Style: How To Achieve Asymmetric Balance

If you are looking for a little wardrobe change-up, direct your attention to one of the most popular trends of the moment: ASYMMETRY. Fendi, Phillip Lim, Sportmax, Celine, Stella McCartney and Bottega Veneta are just a few of the top luxury fashion brands that have brought asymmetric pieces back into the spotlight for the warm weather season. 


Celebrate America: 3 Chic Ways To Show Off Your Patriotism This 4th of July

With the 4th of July falling on a Friday, we are ecstatic and so ready for a long weekend filled with endless stacks of BBQ, hours of soaking up the sun and watching each day go out with a bang!! But what will you wear to Celebrate America?? No matter what you have planned for the holiday, we've got all the looks you'll need. Sticking with the red, white and blue theme, here a 3 Chic Ways to Show Off Your Patriotism and dress appropriately for all of your holiday festivities.



Keepin' It Cool: Top 10 Summer Essentials

With temperatures in our hometown of Atlanta reaching the 90s, we decided it was the perfect time to compile our list of the Top 10 Summer Essentials. In line with current trends and temps, these ten pieces will ensure you stay stylishly cool all season long. 


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